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Cuetile is a FREE new task management/to do list

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If you find that existing to-do list apps are not helpful and you want to influence and help in creating the next
generation to-do list app, we encourage you to join Cuetile's Alpha testers. That's right; you will actually have
the opportunity to provide real input from the start. You are special and we want to hear from you. Alpha will
be ready in January 2016 for IOS.

Please send us your name, email address and preferred system (IOS, Android), and we will keep you updated.

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What is Cuetile

In the beginning there were pen and paper
It was made to communicate as well as stimulate the creativity. People wrote poems and stories, drew places and events, and built lists.

Today, we are (almost) paperless
We write letters and mail on computers/smartphones, we draw and paint using graphic software, and our files are stored locally or somewhere on the cloud.

But when it comes to to-do lists - nothing has changed! Get me a piece of paper. Where are the pens? Bring on the sticky notes. Get me a nice notebook with blue thin lines.

OR you can try a to-do list app. Here's a fact though: the majority of downloaded to-do apps are not used after only two weeks. Why? Because while they replace the physical paper, they cannot help you with the only thing that is important: making you more productive.

So there you go. You download a to-do app, and experiment for a couple of days, entering a few items and attempting to manage them. But what happens? Irrelevant items start piling up. Some of the already completed items remain in the list. And in general, instead of being more productive, you feel that you are wasting your time with an unhelpful app. So you try another app and then another one and at the end, you go back to a piece of paper. Sounds familiar?


This is exactly why we created Cuetile
Cuetile is a FREE new task management/to do list that takes advantage of the digital technologies and will actually help you become more productive. Since two-way communication between Cuetile and you is constantly occurring, the app will assist you to manage all of your to-dos optimally and let you accomplish them at a convenient time. When you focus on a task with Cuetile, it will be the right task at the best time.

Advantages of Cuetile

Why carry work tasks and worries home with you, unnecessarily impacting upon your time with loved ones?
These are the advantages of using Cuetile Application.

Secure and Confident

At home, Cuetile will give you the peace of mind that your jobs activities are secure and controlled, so you will be free to enjoy the more important things in life.

Sleep Better

No more waking up in the middle of the night thinking of things to do tomorrow. Let Cuetile carry your tasks for you. You will be more relieved and creative and ready for new relationships and oppertunities.

Life Changing

Depending upon your individual daily schedule, managing your tasks better will impact people differently. For some it will be life changing, while for others it will be more of a convenience. The most important thing is to take the first step - try it. Take charge of your life!

Relaxed and Focused

Using Cuetile regularly will make you more focused, yet more relaxed. Unclutter your mind!

The Best Way of Using Cuetile
   Step 1: Open Cuetile

Don't try to keep track in your mind of all of the things you have to do; instead allow Cuetile to manage them for you. It doesn't really matter whether the task is big or small, urgent or trivial, work or home related.

As soon as a task pops up in your life, open Cuetile and quickly enter it. Try this app for three days and you will feel the difference in your life. Your mind will be lighter, clearer and faster. You will feel more focused and when the time comes for you to accomplish a task, you'll know exactly where to find it - in Cuetile.

   Step 2: Big Vs. Small

By allowing the user to break complex tasks into multiple simpler steps, Cuetile can help you manage your most difficult to-dos. So, in addition to the easy activities, like "get a present for Jane" or "send David the file", you can now automate and handle more complicated real- world events, such as "get a job" or "start studying in college".

Try as much as possible to define tasks that can be individually accomplished. When you have big and complicated tasks, break them down into smaller tactical steps that are definable and directly actionable.

As your normal day progresses and new tasks are identified, for those that you can accomplish immediately, there is no need to enter them into Cuetile. Use the app only for tasks that you cannot complete right away.

For example if you suddenly think of calling someone for a short conversation and you have the time now, do it then. This way you will not accumulate many short tasks, and it will keep your Cuetile tasks list focused on those that actually need your attention in the future.

   Step 3: Get ready for the day

Make it a daily ritual to prioritize your tasks with Cuetile. The decision of when to do actually this is very personal.

Some people like the evenings, in order to plan for the following day. This may give you a quiet night of sleep, allowing you to feel ready for the next day. No more waking up in the middle of the night thinking of things to do tomorrow.

Others prefer to prioritize tasks in the morning, after a good night's sleep. If you choose to prioritize in the morning, do it among your first tasks of the day, maybe after showering or drinking your first cup of coffee. What is most important is that this will be a part of your daily routine, the first thing you do when you grab your smartphone, before reading emails or checking social media.

   Step 4: Choose four tasks per day

Prioritize four tasks per day. That is exactly how much is needed so that you can have a successful day, while not burdening yourself with unrealistic expectations. Accomplish four tasks daily, and you are on top of the world.

   Step 5: Keep the main Cuetile screen simple

Keep the main Cuetile screen displaying only the tasks that you need to concentrate on today. There is generally no reason to have more than 12 tasks on the main screen. For tasks that are not immediately relevant, you can add reminders for when they will become significant, so you can concentrate your daily planning only on what is necessary. Don't worry - when these tasks do become important, Cuetile will automatically return them to the main screen. If you have accomplished your daily quota of four tasks, disengage from the rest of your list and relax. Use your spare time for recreation and fun.

Our Mission
  Our mission is to make people be happier and still more productive.  
  The digital revolution was intended to provide us with more useful time while machines do things for us. Of course, as has become clear, it oftentimes doesn't happen this way. We are constantly being bombarded with data and information, and we don't find the tranquility that we need to balance our lives.  
  Cuetile will enable you to arrange your tasks and make order in your life.  
  So our mission is to help you choose the best task to accomplish at the correct time. Once you have the confidence that Cuetile really does help you organize your day, you will be more relaxed, focused, and guess what, the results will even be better!  
Who are We
  We are a team of productivity enthusiasts. When we realized that the initial project Cuetile helped us individually, we thought it would be great to share it with you. If you think of things that are important for us at Cuetile to know; feel free to write to us.  
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